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Skill Title: Adept
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Toplam Mesaj: 704
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Emulatör: 0.56b
Tecrübe: Player
Yaş: 29
Mesaj #71656   23-06-2013 08:50 GMT    
02-01-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1691: Older clients freezing when single-clicking an item or NPC with a long name.
- Fixed #1695: "You can't think of a way to use that item." message being shown when failing
  to use a training dummy.
- Fixed #1693: CANSEELOSFLAG not working when a uid is specified.

03-01-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1700: Armor rating not updated when being resurrected.
- Added #1701: @TargetCancel trigger to skills (and @SkillTargetCancel to characters). This
  is called when a player cancels targeting with a skill.
    ARGN1 = the skill that was being used
    RETURN 1 = suppress the cancellation message

10-01-2010, MrSugarCube
- Added #1705: @RegionResourceFound trigger, fires on characters just before @ResourceFound
  is fired on a region resource (shares the same arguments and return values).
- Fixed #1706: Light sources not showing correctly on 7.0.0+ clients.
- Fixed: Guard command not working with pets.
- Modified: Pets default to guarding their master instead of following, and no longer attack
  the same target as their master when in "follow" mode.

17-01-2010, MrSugarCube
- Added: Experimental flag "EF_NetworkOutThread". If this is enabled then outgoing data will
  be sent in a separate background thread.
- Added: UsePacketPriority setting in sphere.ini. Leaving it at 1 (default) should be best
  but if this is set to 0 then [most] packets won't be prioritised.

24-01-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1713: Strange characters in the tip of the day window.
- Fixed: Previous and Next buttons not working on the tip of the day window.

25-01-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed: Figurines using TDATA3 from the item's DISPID instead of BASEID, when a new pet is

27-01-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1714: Unicode string corruption in dialogs.
- Modified: Exceptions that occur in background threads should now be recorded in logs.

20-02-2010, MrSugarCube
- Modified #1720: SERV.EXPORT now exports in a square rather than a circle.

21-02-2010, MrSugarCube
- Modified: Network thread (used by EF_NetworkOutThread) will now lower its own priority
  when there is no data to send (and raise again when needed)

15-03-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed: UseAsyncNetwork not working as it should on windows build.

21-03-2010, MrSugarCube
- Added: MINKARMA, MAXKARMA and MAXFAME settings in sphere.ini.
- Modified: First two lines of NOTOTITLES section are used to define the levels of karma and
  fame needed for each title.

21-03-2010, MrSugarCube (Script pack)
- Updated: spheretables.scp (Added default karma and fame levels to NOTOTITLES section)

04-04-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1734: No response sent for UOG and CUO status requests.
- Modified: (Windows) Status window now uses a courier font so that data is aligned like it
  is when using 'p' in the console.
- Modified: Improved accuracy of profile data ('p' in console, or status window in Windows)
  by recording and displaying it for each thread.

17-04-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed: Wrong mapdif*.mul and stadif*.mul files being used with custom maps.
- Modified: If Map1.mul is present then it will automatically be used.
- Modified: The larger ML map sizes are now automatically detected, so there should be no
  need to specify it in the ini file.

25-04-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1725: Friends stealing ownership of a pet when mounting it.

25-04-2010, MrSugarCube (Script pack)
- Updated #1733: sphere_map0.scp (Added r_brit to events list for a_townBritain)

01-05-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1738: Players calling guards on invisible staff members.
- Fixed #1740: @Abort being called when failing alchemy instead of @Fail.
- Fixed: 'msg_tingling' defmessage not being shown under the correct circumstances.

02-05-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1742: DIALOGCLOSE function not obeying the UsePacketPriority setting.

03-05-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed: Database connection lost when using DB.EXECUTE with a query that returns results.

09-05-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1710,#1731: Numerous causes of instability when using EF_NetworkOutThread.

13-05-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1748: Exception when dropping an item onto a non-container.

15-05-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1747: Container contents near the boundaries showing in wrong position when
  UsePacketPriority is enabled.
- Fixed #1746: Damage showing in the corner of the screen instead of above an enemy when
  UsePacketPriority is enabled.

23-05-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1751: Movement/sight checks fail when an item is too tall to fit within the Z

24-05-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1756: Packets being sent for items in containers the client cannot see inside (A
  side-effect of this is that CANSEE/LOS will return 0 for such items, until the client
  opens/snoops the container).

25-05-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1754: Armor rating in status window not updated when equipped armor pieces receive

29-05-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1759: Client not always notified about login failure when EF_NetworkOutThread is

31-05-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1753: Client crash when moving into view of a character sitting on a chair.
- Fixed #1760: Players unable to see items in the other player's trade window.

13-06-2010, MrSugarCube
- Added: 'TooltipMode' setting to sphere.ini. When this is set to '1', instead of always
  sending a full tooltip packet for every item, Sphere will send a smaller 'header' packet
  and wait for the client to request the full information (for unchanged tooltips, clients
  can use a local cache and less data will need to be sent).
  Note: Since the header packet requires knowledge of what the tooltip will contain,
  @ClientTooltip should be expected to fire twice in this mode (once for the header, once
  for the full data). ARGN1 can be used to determine if the client asked for the tooltip,
  but it is important that you do not use it to change the tooltip content.
- Added: Support for caching tooltip data for characters and items. Whilst a tooltip is
  cached, @ClientTooltip won't be fired. A new 'TooltipCache' setting is provided in
  sphere.ini to control how long a cached tooltip will be valid for (set to 0 to disable
  caching). If the new tooltip mode is being used then enabling this would be advisable
  to avoid having @ClientTooltip fired twice for each client.
- Modified: RESENDTOOLTIP now accepts parameters to control how the tooltip should be
  The syntax is now: "RESENDTOOLTIP [sendfull=0,usecache=0]"
   'sendfull' - 1 to force the full tooltip to be sent, or 0 to send just the header (when
                TooltipMode=1, otherwise the full data will be sent anyway)
   'usecache' = 1 to use cached tooltip if available, or 0 to clear the cache and force
                @ClientTooltip to fire

02-07-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed: Possible exception on Linux builds when an NPC moves.

03-07-2010, MrSugarCube
- Modified #1761: The fix for issue #1756 (sending packets for items inside unopened
  containers) must now be activated using the EF_FixCanSeeInClosedConts experimental flags,
  since it has been reported to cause client crashes.

28-07-2010, MrSugarCube
- Added #1776: P.COMPONENTS to access multi components at a location in the same way as with
  P.STATICS. Usage is identical to P.STATICS, except that the COLOR property does not exist
  for multi components. P.COMPONENTS.n.MULTI can be used as a reference to the multi that
  contains the nth component at a location.

06-08-2010, ShiryuX
- Added #1790: TAG.NOTO.PERMAGREY which sets the player's notoriety to neutral/grey.
  This will only happen if the character is blue, everything else will override it.

07-08-2010, ShiryuX
- Fixed #1772: Cooking skill wasn't counted as a crafting skill.

07-08-2010, ShiryuX (Script pack)
- Fixed #1774: sphere_map0.scp (Renamed Occlo to Ocllo, correct spelling)

10-08-2010, ShiryuX
- Fixed #1781: Walk buffer protection was counting steps even when step wasn't possible,
  because of freeze status in the character.

12-08-2010, ShiryuX
- Fixed #1793: OpenDoor Macro now won't ignore LOS and Distance is 3 (max).

15-08-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1722: Game clients unable to connect when the server IP is set to

17-08-2010, ShiryuX
- Added #1566: MD5PASSWORD account function/property to instert or change a MD5 hash as password.
  This way you can call: "SERV.ACCOUNT foobar MD5PASSWORD f4d9ff51c527e8ef67d924d4f0a6db66"
- Fixed #1799: Accounts created using ADDMD5 won't cut the hash anymore.
- Fixed: Dialog properties xmfhtmlgump and xmfhtmlgumpcolor not working correctly with dorigin.

19-08-2010, ShiryuX
- Modified #1786: Disabled 'r' console command to be used by remote telnet, use 'resync' instead.
  Any other way to access the console (physical or remote desktop) can still use it.

21-08-2010, ShiryuX
- Added: Basic support for bard spellbook and skill (the actual spell effects need to be scripted).
- Modified #1800: @UserWarMode will now have ARGN2 parameter, which by default is 1.
  ARGN2 = 1 --> Will abort the skill action
          0 --> Will _NOT_ abort the skill action
- Fixed: SA Clients wasn't considered for Async connections.

21-08-2010, ShiryuX (Script pack)
- Updated: sphere_defs.scp (Added 't_spellbook_bard' definition)

21-08-2010, khaos (Script pack)
- Updated: sphere_spells.scp (Added new bards spells from SA, no functionality though)

22-08-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1803: Items with a default value of 2147483647 on linux builds.

23-08-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1796: Vendor speech containing the text "(null)".
- Modified: MOREM on t_map items is now used to indicate which map has been drawn. Recent client
  versions ( are able to use this value to view maps other than map0.mul.

23-08-2010, MrSugarCube (Script pack)
- Updated: sphere_msgs.scp (Updated npc_vendor_s1 and npc_vendor_b1 defmessages)

25-08-2010, ShiryuX
- Fixed #1795: Characters were able to dclick equipable items with attr_move_never.

05-09-2010, Khaos (Script pack)
- Added: sphere_item_provisions_clothing_sa.scp, sphere_item_provisions_armor_sa.scp,
  sphere_item_provisions_weapons_sa.scp (These files now contain all the default scripts
  for Stygian Abyss weapons, armor, clothing, jewelry, and other miscellaneous items.
  As a note: all throwing weapons use the t_weapon_sword type. There is no archery
  animations for gargoyles)
- Updated: sphere_skills.scp (Added FLAGS=skf_ranged|skf_fight to the throwing skill (Skill 57))

09-09-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1806: Possible causes of a critical "timer expired" error on Linux builds.

11-09-2010, ShiryuX
- Fixed: 'group' keyword not being stripped with tngstrip command (used for locations tab).

13-09-2010, MrSugarCube
- Removed: EF_Unicode; its behaviour is always enabled.

14-09-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1744,#1752: Desynchronisation of players' position between client and server.

20-09-2010, Khaos (Script pack)
- Updated: sphere_item_provisions_armor_sa.scp (added layers to the wearable armor -shields.
  Skirts were being treated as gloves)
- Updated: sphere_item_ground_tiles_sa.scp (added the sparkle dupeitems for the hover over
- Added: sphere_item_building_floors_sa.scp (contains all the new SA floor tiles, even the
  runed items)
- Added: sphere_item_building_doors_sa.scp (this file contains all the proper doors for the
  SA expansion)

21-09-2010, Khaos (Script pack)
- Updated: sphere_item_building_doors_sa.scp (added in ruined doors (Should be the last set))

27-09-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1819: "World save has been initiated" messages not being sent until after the save
- Fixed: Large packets sent by the client sometimes not parsed correctly, leading to strange
  behaviours or console errors.

30-09-2010, ShiryuX
- Fixed #1825: not writable books not displaying content for 5.0.0+ clients.
- Modified: Axis strip to use only ONE file to dump the stripped scripts (like TNG strip does)
  Commands are = TNG: "strip tng" or "tngstrip" (dump file sphere_strip_tng.scp)
                 Axis: "strip axis" or "strip" (dump file sphere_strip_axis.scp)

04-10-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed: Editing a book page can cause the following page to be deleted.

07-10-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1826: Male characters unable to walk over items with CAN_I_LIGHT set.

09-10-2010, ShiryuX
- Added: "TAG.OVERRIDE.NOTO" and "TAG.OVERRIDE.NOTO.$uid" as notoriety flag overrides.
  TAG.OVERRIDE.NOTO is a general override for the notoriety flag.
  TAG.OVERRIDE.NOTO.$uid overrides the noto flag according to the viewer $uid.
  * NOTE: The general override is applied before the viewer tag. So it will override EVERYTHING.
          Usable flags can be found on sphere_defs.scp

09-10-2010, ShiryuX (Script pack)
- Updated: sphere_defs.scp (added noto_types defintion)

11-10-2010, Khaos (Script pack)
- Updated: sphere_item_provisions_weapons_sa.scp (fixed some typos)
- Updated: spherechar_human.scp (Female barber was using male barber names instead of
  the female name list)

13-10-2010, MrSugarCube
- Added: Support for packet changes found in client
- Added: Support for new tiledata.mul and multi.mul formats found with client
  Since the tiledata size has increased again (supporting a maximum slot of 0FFFF),
  multis must now start from 010000. If multi scripts are already using the new MULTIDEF
  syntax then everything should work without any change to scripts.

14-10-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1832: Exception on Linux build when logging in.

18-10-2010, MrSugarCube
- Modified: Ships use their HEIGHT property to detect objects that are on the deck,
  rather than assuming a value of 3.

22-10-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1828: Instability when receiving large amounts of data from a client.
- Fixed #1838: Fixed "Bad MENU item id" error when trying to display a custom item in a
  menu or skill menu.
- Fixed #1839: Exception when showing the edit menu for a container containing more than
  64 items.

23-10-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1835: @Destroy incorrectly firing on trade window contents when the container
  is removed.

25-10-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1822: Exception when a client sends a malformed skill lock packet.
- Fixed #1782: Exception on linux build leading to sphere.pid file never being removed
  when shutting down Sphere.

27-10-2010, Khaos
- Added: Race selectors to newbie templates. Code works as follows: [newbie xxx <race>] Races
  that can be set are "human", "elf", "gargoyle", or leave it default for normal functionality.
  This works for the male_default, female_default, and all the skills defined in Newbie sections.
- Added #1598: All max* stat values (Hits, stam, mana, food) can be _safely_ set up to 1 million.
  Though you can go past this, we don't recommend it. Note: This should not be used on players
  max values, and we _highly_ don't recommend it.

03-11-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed: Exception on linux build when accessing guild functions without an SRC.

14-11-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1847: Crash on 7.0.0+ clients when other clients are picking up and dropping

21-11-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed: Unable to access basic properties for non-game clients through SERV.CLIENT.x.

22-11-2010, Coruja (Script pack)
- Updated #1851: sphere_map0.scp (renamed Trinsic Passage to Delucia Passage)

02-12-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1861: Elven players turning into gargoyle ghosts when dead.
- Fixed: Mana Vampire spell always gives mana to the caster even when the spell is blocked in
  an @Effect trigger.

03-12-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1770: Exception when NPC_AI_PATH is enabled and an NPC cannot find a route to its

10-12-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1854: LogMask setting not have any effect on the messages being logged.

12-12-2010, MrSugarCube
- Added #1865: ARROWQUEST function now accepts a third parameter to specify the arrow's id
  (defaults to 0). This can be used to display more than one arrow at once on newer clients,
  but bear in mind that older clients can still only show one arrow at a time and so the id
  will effectively be ignored in their case.
  If an id has been specified when showing the arrow, then you will also need to specify it
  again when you want to remove it ("ARROWQUEST" with no arguments will only remove the arrow
  with id 0).
    ARROWQUEST 1000,1000,0 // show an arrow pointing to 1000,1000, id=0
    ARROWQUEST 1020,1000,1 // show an arrow pointing to 1020,1000, id=1
    ARROWQUEST 1000,1020,2 // show an arrow pointing to 1000,1020, id=2
    ARROWQUEST 0,0,1       // remove the arrow pointing to 1020,1000

21-12-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1869: Older clients freezing when an item or character with a long name speaks.

22-12-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1843: Connections sometimes remaining open long after the client has disconnected.
- Fixed #1848: Container contents slow to show when TooltipMode is set to 0.

23-12-2010, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1874: - clients freezing when using ARROWQUEST function.

26-12-2010, ShiryuX
- Fixed #1729: NPC now teaches you if there's a skill to decrease and room for the new skill.
  In before, if you were near the skillcap, the npc just rejected your train request.
- Fixed #1873: Shop list tooltips are now being fully sent to the players.

26-12-2010, Coruja (Script pack)
- Updated #1876: sphere_item_deco_lightsources.scp and sphere_item_deco_furniture.scp
  (changed typo in candelabra's defnames, was using candleabra instead)

28-12-2010, ShiryuX
- Fixed #1879: 'nightsight' function now sends light level update instead of full client update.

28-12-2010, Coruja (Script pack)
- Updated #1877: sphere_item_deco_furniture.scp (fixed dupelist of items 0a2b and 0b5e)

02-01-2011, MrSugarCube
- Added: UseExtraBuffer setting to sphere.ini to enable an additional data buffer for outgoing
  network data.
- Fixed #1858: Linux build considering connections lost when a non-critical error occurs during
  data sending.

02-01-2011, MrSugarCube (Script pack)
- Updated #1876: sphere_backward_compatibility.scp (Added backward compatibility defnames for

08-01-2011, MrSugarCube
- Added #1845: Support to automatically invalidate and resend tooltips when certain properties
  change on items or characters, via new AUTOTOOLTIPRESEND setting. See Sphere.ini for
  available flags that can be used to control which properties are monitored. Note that some
  scripts won't trigger the tooltips to resend (for example the 0008 flag won't detect a script
  that sets MORE1 on armour, so a manual RESENDTOOLTIP would still be needed).
- Fixed: Possible delay between sending packets required to display buy/sell menus.

09-01-2011, ShiryuX
- Added #1881: TAT_AS_FULL trigger type to TRIGGER function to set ARGO, ARGN and ARGS.
  Example: TRIGGER @MyTest,<def.TAT_AS_FULL>,01,100,200,300,here,start,my,args
           will call @MyTest with ARGO.UID=01, ARGN1=100, ARGN2=200, ARGN3=300
           and ARGS=here,start,my,args (this supports ARGV[].)
- Modified: Now sphere reads registry keys from lastest clients (no need to manually set them)

09-01-2011, ShiryuX (Script pack)
- Updated: sphere_defs.scp (added tat_as_full definition)

09-01-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1886: Exception caused by an infinite loop when AutoTooltipResend detects a property
  value being changed from within an @ClientTooltip trigger. Now, AutoTooltipResend won't
  trigger another tooltip resend if a monitored property changes during the resend.
- Fixed #1814: AutoResendTooltip setting not working when an item property is changed just
  before it is placed in a container (e.g. when the item amount changes during stacking).

10-01-2011, MrSugarCube
- Added #1872: Support for setting SPEEDMODE to 4, as handled by newer clients. This can be
  used to prevent a player from moving. Movement checks have been adjusted accordingly so
  whilst older clients won't understand this speed mode, Sphere will still block their
  movement attempts (with a slight 'rubber banding' effect as you'd normally get when freezing
  a player by other means).

11-01-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1888: Exception caused by AutoTooltipResend attempting to send tooltips for deleted

21-01-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1894: Explode function placing a comma at the beginning of the result.

21-01-2011, Coruja (Script pack)
- Updated #1893: sphere_map2.scp (Renamed "Shrine of the Virtues" to "Gargoyle Shrine", and
  "Gargoyle City" to "Vel Lor Reg").

22-01-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1868: Memory leak when TooltipCache setting is disabled (thanks Torfo).

25-01-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed: Wage amount not being passed through to the 'npc_pet_wage_cost' defmessage.
- Fixed: Spyglasses not searching properly for the nearest land tile.
- Fixed: Optimised UID allocation not working as expected or sometimes not functioning at all.
- Fixed: SuppressCapitals replaces unicode speech with blank text.
- Fixed: Possible exception when importing from a WSC file where item properties are listed
  in an unexpected order.

29-01-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1901: Some targeting items (bloody bandages, carpentry tools, cotton, lockpicks,
  thread, yarn, wool) using 'itemuse_weapon_promt' defmessage as their prompt instead of

11-02-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1909: Exception when using the "d ui" command against older tiledata sizes.

12-02-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1911: Ping history not decaying over time, causing an IP to be permanently blocked
  when it exceeds the MAXPINGS setting.

13-02-2011, MrSugarCube
- Modified #1912: Teleporting clients no longer receive unnecessary item packet for the smoke
  effect they leave behind.

17-02-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed: Client connections being blocked for connecting too often, even though they aren't.

19-02-2011, MrSugarCube
- Modified: Profiling statistics now include number of faults that occurred in each thread.

22-02-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1821: Exception when talking to an NPC who is having a conversation with another

12-03-2011, Khaos (Script pack)
- Added: Script support of all the new High Seas ship multis (sphere_item_multi_houses_ships.scp)
  and parts (sphere_item_ship_parts_britannian.scp, sphere_item_ship_parts_gargish.scp,
  sphere_item_ship_parts_orcish.scp, sphere_item_ship_parts_tokuno.scp).
- Updated: Updated some of the axis cats in the sphere_item_multi_houses_ships.scp file.
- Updated:sphere_item_unsorted.scp with noname tiles that were with the ships. Possible
  ship component pieces.
- Updated: sphere_item_ship_parts_britannian.scp; added more parts.

13-03-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1925: SKILLBEST.n not working correctly.
- Fixed #1922: Exception caused by Sphere trying to send character position to a client
  before a character has been selected.

13-03-2011, Coruja (Script pack)
- Updated #1893: sphere_map2.scp (Add guarded and global flags to Ver Lor

13-03-2011, Khaos
- Fixed: Advanced Line of Sight. Couldn't shoot or cast with any intervening
  water files.
- Added #1916: sphere.ini now contains "DefaultCommandLevel". It takes a level
  of 0 - 7 (# corresponds to plevel). Default is 7. Whatever you set the value
  to will be the min plevel for a char to use all commands not in a [plevel xxx].

13-03-2011, Khaos (Script pack)
- Updated: sphere_defs.scp (added los_nc_water to los flags section. If you use
  with CANSEELOSFLAG, it will stop LOS across water (i.e. Firing from a ship to
  another ship)).

21-03-2011, MrSugarCube
- Added: Support for packet changes found in client

07-04-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1935: Exception when using "d a" command on Linux build.
- Fixed #1940: Exception on Windows build when an invalid format string is passed

09-04-2011, MrSugarCube
- Modified #1941: Custom houses (t_multi_custom) display as worldgem pieces in
  debug mode.

11-04-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1942: Exception when using MD5HASH with certain lengths of text.

23-04-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1919: Exception when a client sends an incomplete handshake packet.

10-05-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed: Exception when trying to set REGENx and 'x' is an invalid stat id.

12-05-2011, MrSugarCube
- Modified #1954: Unplaced object details are now listed during garbage
  collection, under code 3202.

12-05-2011, MrSugarCube (Script pack)
- Updated: sphere_map_points4.scp (Corrected z-level of the moongate locations)

17-05-2011, MrSugarCube
- Added: FeatureExtra setting to sphere.ini with flags to enable new gothic
  and rustic themed items in the house designer.

18-05-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1958: Unable to pass variables as arguments to FORCHARLAYER and
- Fixed #1959: Possible exception when Sphere tries to load verdata.mul file.

09-06-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1969: Timer being set to abnormally high values when attempting skills.
- Fixed #1967: Comments in sphereaccu.scp using the wrong slash direction.
- Fixed: Backspace key not working in the Linux build's console.
- Modified: Console output on Linux build will automatically have colour enabled
  for certain terminal types that support colour codes.

09-06-2011, babidi (Script pack)
- Updated #1970: sphere_map_points0.scp (Fixed start locations all using coordinates
  for Britain)

12-06-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1955: Exception when DB.QUERY/EXECUTE is used whilst a previous
  DB.AQUERY/AEXECUTE operation is still running in the background.

18-06-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1980: Unable to handle @Rename trigger at character creation using EventsPlayer.
- Fixed #1977: New player characters starting at the wrong location.
- Fixed: Possible exception when a character doesn't have enough strength to equip an item.

18-06-2011, babidi (Script pack)
- Updated #1975: sphere_map0.scp, sphere_map0_ml.scp, sphere_map1.scp, sphere_map2.scp,
  sphere_map4.scp (Updated region flags to use defnames)

18-06-2011, Coruja (Script pack)
- Updated #1966: sphere_map2.scp (Added region flags to a_lbr)

18-06-2011, MrSugarCube (Script pack)
- Updated #1983: spherechar_sa.scp (Fixed female gargoyles not having MT_FEMALE set)

19-06-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1976: Aggressor memories being removed when leaving war mode.
- Fixed #1965: SKF_IMMOBILE causing clients to become unable to move if skill is used too

20-06-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1956: Region's @Enter trigger firing when a creature is summoned, before the
  creature's @Create trigger fires.

21-06-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1986: Exception when evaluating intelligence skill is used and either one of the
  magery or necromancy SKILL sections don't exist.

01-07-2011, ShiryuX
- Fixed #1981: Now you will be able to cast spells with 'spellflag_field' flag on chars
  if 'spellflag_targ_char' is enabled.

02-07-2011, MrSugarCube
- Added: 'NetworkThreads' and 'NetworkThreadPriority' settings to Sphere.ini. These can be
  used to enable client connections to be handled by separate threads. The NETWORKTHREADS
  setting controls how many threads should be used to handle networking (setting this to 0
  will cause networking to be handled in the main thread, like before). NETWORKTHREADPRIORITY
  can be used to control the priority of the networking threads (the default value of 255
  should be the best option to use).
  The EF_NetworkOutThread experimental flag has been removed.

08-07-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1991: Custom packet handling functions causing clients to freeze.

21-07-2011, ShiryuX
- Added #1963: OF_DClickNoTurn, if enabled players won't turn when dclick or target an item.

31-07-2011, MrSugarCube
- Fixed #1998: @Destroy not firing on player characters or their items, when deleted via the
  character selection screen or their account is deleted.
- Fixed #1997: "World save has been initiated" messages not being sent until after the save
  completes, when NetworkThreads is set to 0.

02-08-2011, ShiryuX
- Modified #2011: Enabled spells with SPELLFLAG_SCRIPTED to use LOCAL.CREATEOBJECT1,
  or with SPELLFLAG_SUMMON. If width/gauge is not set, default is 7/1.

02-08-2011, ShiryuX (Script pack)
- Updated: sphere_defs.scp (A few more buff icons in the buff_icons defname)

05-08-2011, ShiryuX
- Fixed #2008: RANGEH now displays the longest range and RANGEL the shortest (High/Low)

27-08-2011, ShiryuX
- Added #2020: CUOSTATUS and UOGSTATUS, which enable/disable the response to UOGateway/ConnectUO
               Default for both is: 1 (see sphere.ini also)
- Added: SPELLFLAG_AREA to create custom area spells (you must use SPELLFLAG_SCRIPTED).
- Added: LOCAL.AREARADIUS, which let you change the radius of the hardcoded area spells
         and let you set the radius of scripted skills (if not set, default is 4).
[SPELL s_new_spell]
- Added: Function 'attacker.clear' to clear the attackers. Use it with caution.

27-08-2011, ShiryuX (Script pack)
- Updated: sphere_defs.scp (added new spellflag definition)

31-08-2011, ShiryuX
- Fixed #2023: Now you can use custom items on LOCAL.CREATEOBJECT1/2 with SPELLFLAG_FIELD.

01-09-2011, ShiryuX
- Added #2021: Settings to edit default color and font for SysMessage/Message/Click.
  Don't forget to update your scripts. Settings are included in sphere_msgs.scp

01-09-2011, ShiryuX (Script pack)
- Updated: sphere_msgs.scp (added SMSG_DEF_COLOR, SMSG_DEF_FONT, MSG_DEF_COLOR, MSG_DEF_FONT
            IMSG_DEF_COLOR and IMSG_DEF_FONT settings)

02-09-2011, ShiryuX
- Fixed #2025: Removed any kind of internal effect for spells with SPELLFLAG_SCRIPTED.
  Since it's supposed to have a scripted effect!
- Modified: SPELLFLAG_FX_BOLT to work with SPELLFLAG_SCRIPTED.  It will fire a bolt from
            caster to target. If SPELLFLAG_GOOD is used the effect won't explode.
            ID of the effect is 'EFFECT_ID' spell's property.

02-09-2011, ShiryuX (Script pack)
- Fixed #2006: sphere_spells.scp (commented out RUNES for Mysticism spells & changed Discordance)

03-09-2011, ShiryuX
- Fixed #2027: Wrong internal clilocs for Cunning and Agility Buffs.
- Added: Buff for Gargoyle Fly ability.
- Fixed: LOGARITHM(), TAN, SIN and COS function were returning wrong values.

03-09-2011, ShiryuX (Script pack)
- Modified: sphere_defs.scp (added buff clilocs for gargoyle fly)

03-09-2011, Coruja (Script pack)
- Updated #2028: sphere_item_misc_se.scp (wrong DUPELIST for 02417)

13-03-2012, Coruja (Script pack)
- Updated #2056: sphere_map0.scp (fixed despise and covetous levels)

20-03-2012, Coruja (Script pack)
- Updated #2057: sphere_map2.scp (fixed ilshenar regions)

23-03-2012, ShiryuX
- Added: 'AttackerTimeout' modifies how long a NPC can remember a player since his last attack,
         that a NPC forgets his attacker. You can play with this and attacker.#.ELAPSED.
         See sphere.ini. Default value is 300 (5 minutes).
- Fixed #2034: Disabled timeout check for TELNET connections.
- Fixed #2050: Now if you set BankMaxWeight/Items to something less than 0
               will avoid the weight/item amount check.

26-03-2012, RanXerox
- Updated #2036: sphere_map0.scp, sphere_map3.scp, sphere_map4.scp (added some missing locations)

26-03-2012, MrSugarCube
- Modified #2040: MT_EQUIP, MT_USEHANDS and MT_MOUNT flags are respected when a character's body
  changes. Characters won't be dismount or have their items unequipped if the new body has the
  relevant flags.

27-03-2012, MrSugarCube
- Added: Support for reading map data from mapXLegacyMUL.uop files found in client
  onwards. Sphere looks for the old mapX.mul file(s) first and will continue to use these if
  both file formats exist alongside each other.

31-03-2012, ShiryuX
- Fixed #2052: Players trying to move during a resync pause caused exceptions on console.

24-04-2012, MrSugarCube
- Fixed: Unable to double click console in Windows to open scripts when forward slashes are used
  in script paths.

25-07-2012, ShiryuX
- Added: SPELLFLAG_TARG_DEAD so you can create spells for dead people.
- Added: SPELLFLAG_DAMAGE for damage spells, along with HARM effect.
         You can override the Damage Type under @(Spell)Effect with LOCAL.DamageType.
- Added: MAGICF_NOANIM so you can disable animation/direction update of the character in every spell.
- Modified: SPELLFLAG_SCRIPTED changes behavoir and allows to mixed with other flags.
- Modified: SPELLFLAG_FX_BOLT will totally work now. EFFECT_ID can be overrided with LOCAL.CreateObject1.
- Modified: SPELLFLAG_AREA can be used and altered. If no specified radius, default is 4.
            The effect of course, if it's a custom spell, must be scripted.
- Modified: Spell Summon Creature can be overrided with LOCAL.CreateObject1.
- Modified: Limit for ANIM function, so you can play the new Gargoyle Anims now.
- Fixed: Can modify Flamestrike EFFECT_ID now.
- Fixed: WOPPlayer to 0 overrided the EquippedCast check and players could cast while equipped.

25-07-2012, ShiryuX
- Updated: sphere_spells.scp, sphere_defs.scp with the new spells changes

25-07-2012, Coruja (script pack)
- Updated #2069: sphere_map_points3.scp (added missing teleports in Doom)

31-07-2012, Ben
- Fixed #2085: RESURRECT not working.

30-08-2012, Ben
- Fixed #2093: Animation above 400 not showing all frames.

04-09-2012, Ben (script pack)
- Updated: sphere_spells.scp with missing SPELLFLAG_AREA.

04-09-2012, Ben
- Fixed #2096: Sommon spells not making creatures your pet.
- Fixed #2097: area spells requiring spellflag_scripted to work
- Updated: sphereCrypt.ini with keys up to 7.00.270

16-09-2012, Ben
- Fixed #2094: double @Destroy trigger on summoned char.

17-09-2012, Terrikate
- Fixed #1831: Trigger @PERSONALSPACE did not fire on NPCs
- Fixed #1651: LastLogged message always sent current time
- Fixed #1944: Some combination of stairs and delete function can remove the dirt on floor of the house
- Modified #1749: Error messages 'Bad Login' become warnings to facilitate analysis of the logs
- Modified: Resync forced to create or delete items in custom houses to update correctly on all clients

20-09-2012, Terrikate
- Added #1542: Implemented CTAGCOUNT like TAGCOUNT for clients
- Fixed #1590: Attacker list contains self uid

22-09-2012, Ben
- Added: TAG.OVERRIDE.ROCK.DAM to override the damage done by rock throwing
Note: TAG.OVERRIDE.ROCK was already implemented with the ability to change rock to other items.
It can also add the throwing ability to other NPCs that have the tag. (never reported in changelog)
- Added: TAG.OVERRIDE.BREATH.DAM to override Damage done from fire breathing.

22-09-2012, Ben (Script pack)
- Fixed #2086: added SERV.MYSQLPASSWORD to plevel 7 group in spheretables.scp

24-09-2012, Terrikate
- Fixed #2078: t_multi_custom causes memory leak in client

06-10-2012, Ben
- Fixed #2101: Added a value to i_staff_black in default pack to prevent possible crash in vendor menu.
- Fixed #2088: Char hue returning to OSKIN on reveal from invis spell.

12-10-2012, Terrikate
- Fixed: ATTACKER.n.ELAPSED: not increased the timer correctly, always returned 0
- Fixed: ATTACKER.LAST: returned one of the attackers randomly, no the last

12-10-2012, Ben
-Added: Party triggers.
        @PartyInvite(def=recipient, src=sender, return 1=stop default)
@PartyRemove(def=char getting kicked, src= the one kicking, no return, ARGN=1 if triggered by disband)
@PartyDisband(def=master, src=master, no return)

17-10-2012, Terrikate
- Added #1987: More information when fails to delete a character. (account, character name and ip)
       Now will be a message of type LOG_WARNING rather than LOG_ERROR
- Added #1854: TAG.NOMUTESPEECH=1 to unmute specific areas created by items.
       Only makes sense to use it if the optional flag OF_NoHouseMuteSpeech is disabled
- Added #1816: f_onaccount_create function to be called when create an account by script or console
- Modified: GMs can now listen to every player without any restriction.

17-10-2012, Terrikate (Script pack)
- Updated #1816: sphere_serv_triggers.scp (added function f_onaccount_create)

22-10-2012, Terrikate
- Fixed #2104: functions UPDATE and REVEAL forced an update unnecessary of the client

22-10-2012, Ben
- Fixed: .UOP file support. It should now be able to handle future updates.
- Updated: ML map size detection to allow for new .uop file format.

28-10-2012, Ben
- Fixed #2107: Trying to open and use .uop files even if non existant.

03-11-2012, Mordant (Script Pack)
- Added: t_forest and t_jungle TERRAIN types in sphere_types.scp

11-11-2012, Ben
- Fixed #2106: MAGICF_STACKSTATS causing crash.

23-11-2012, Ben
-Fixed #2115: Cutting custom hides producing default leather.
Now TDATA1 of type t_hide can hold ID or DEFNAME of custom cut leather (or any item).

27-12-2012, Ben
-Fixed #2112: Added ini setting NPCSkillSave with a default value of 10 to keep normal behaviour.
Any NPC skills below this value will not be saved and will be reseted to 0.

4-1-2013, Ben
-Changed: OVERRIDE.REGENVAL so that it is the tagvalue or 1 instead of 1+tagvalue.
-Fixed 2123: REGEN VAL not being accurate on mounted horses.

18-1-2013, Ben
-Added: <ASCPAD size,text> Does the same as <ASC text>, but padds with 0s untill size is reached.
Will also truncate the text if longer then size.

02-02-2013, Ben
-Fixed #2128: IMSG_DEF_COLOR overriding Chars noto colors.
-Fixed #2131: Too many packets sent from multis.

10-02-2013, Ben
-Fixed: EQUIPPEDCAST in sphere.ini not working properly.

13-02-2013, shaklaban
-Fixed #2134: COMPONENTS of the point not working, if MAP not 0.

16-02-2013, shaklaban
Modified: sphere.ini modified to stable settings (NetworkThreads=0 and UseAsyncNetwork=0).

16-02-2013, Ben
-Fixed: small typo in sphere.ini
-Added: Support for new UOGateway status request.

20-02-2013, Ben
-Added: sphere.ini option ALLOWNEWBTRANSFER. When set to 1, will allow newbi items to stay newbied after tranfer to an NPC.
-Fixed #2139: All dung being named Horse Dung. Now it's   "animal name" dung
-Added: Read/Write (SERV.MAP.map_num.SECTOR.sec_num function) to have access to individual sectors.

23-02-2013, Ben
-Fixed #2133: <Dsomeval> returning 0 if <someval> is negative.
-Fixed #2120: Some server properties are no longer writable (ACCOUNTS, CHARS, ITEMS, SAVECOUNT, TIME)

24-02-2013, Ben
-Fixed #1494: (script pack) possible exploit with arrow value
-Fixed #1544: qval returning " " instead of "" (now returns true empty string)
-Fixed: Timezones not being calculated properly when ALLOWLIGHTOVERRIDE is on.
-Fixed #2140: Vendors are now closing shop when ISNIGHTTIME and not ISDARK.

02-03-2013, Ben
-Fixed: ascpad throwing out an error for no reason.

03-03-2013, Ben
-Fixed #2043: For loops last loop executed two times.

04-03-2013, Ben
-Fixed: COMBAT_OSIDAMAGEMOD not applying the proper bonus calculations

06-03-2013, Ben
-Fixed #2127: EF_FixCanSeeInClosedConts not updating unequiped items.
-Fixed: More COMBAT_OSIDAMAGEMOD calculation errors

20-03-2013, Shaklaban
-Added #2105: TAG.OVERRIDE.SPEED for weapons.

23-03-2013, Shaklaban
-Added #2146: SECTOR.NUMBER for accessing index of the sector.

31-03-2013, Ben
-Fixed: LIST.xxx.num.INSERT returning an error when the list doesn't exist. It will now create it and place the item at index 0.
-Added: LOCAL.PASSWORD to f_onaccount_create as a readable variable only for now.
-Fixed: Quoted numbers inside a variable will now be properly saved as a string, and returned as a string.

23-04-2013, Shaklaban
-Added: DeadCannotSeeLiving option for sphere ini.
DeadCannotSeeLiving=1: Dead players cannot see npcs (except healers and their own pets).
DeadCannotSeeLiving=2: Dead players cannot see players and npcs.
DeadCannotSeeLiving=0: Old behaviour.

04-05-2013, Shaklaban
-Fixed: Begging animation cannot disabled with return 1 @prestart.

Yeni revision.txt dosyasındaki yeni releasede gelen özellik ve fixler bunlar.

İndirmek için;

Forum konusu için;

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Mesaj #71657   23-06-2013 09:22 GMT    
Güzel bir araştırma ve takipçisin tebrikler )

cengizmerdit ®2018 - World Build | Gump | Web | Connector Design | Mul Editing

ultimadestek | ultimadestek.com

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Mesaj #71659   23-06-2013 09:53 GMT    

buradan direk günlük güncel sürüme ulaşılabiliyor zaten

Geçmişi olmayanın, geleceği olmaz.

Scripting Destek Discord: https://discord.gg/yXQ3m5S



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Mesaj #71660   23-06-2013 10:09 GMT    
xwerswoodx :

buradan direk günlük güncel sürüme ulaşılabiliyor zaten

Her nightly sürümünün stabil çalışacağının bir garantisi maalesef yok.En azından stabil çalıştığını söyledikleri bir release mevcut olacak =)



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Mesaj #71663   23-06-2013 11:01 GMT    
Tabiki garantisi yok zaten bir çok hatasını fixledim ben şuanda yani bildiğim hatalar var ama zamanla düzeleceğini umuyorum ) Ama artık developerlerde çalışmayı bıraktı, 1.5 ay oldu bir şey yok ortada

Geçmişi olmayanın, geleceği olmaz.

Scripting Destek Discord: https://discord.gg/yXQ3m5S



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Mesaj #71664   23-06-2013 11:13 GMT    
prereleaselerle nightly aynı şey değil, nightlilerde bugları kabul ettiğin için sphere.iniye AGREE 1 koyuyorsun hatta bildiğim güzel bir olay da sphere.iniye deadcannotseeliving özelliği geldi



Sphere Destek
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Mesaj #71665   23-06-2013 12:42 GMT    
Benimde demek istediğim o zaten, şuanda çıkan prerelease ve nightly sürümleri aynı çünkü son prerelease'den sonra herhangi bir güncelleme yapılmadı, öyle ki 1,5 aydır buglar bile kontrol edilmiyor Tabiki aynı şey değil, fakat güncel sürümü takip etmek isteyenler için bire bir

İlk cevabım Pacoyaydı zaten hani araştırmak isterse diye belirtmiştim

Geçmişi olmayanın, geleceği olmaz.

Scripting Destek Discord: https://discord.gg/yXQ3m5S



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Mesaj #73295   06-08-2013 08:11 GMT    
ON=@Resurrect triggeri istiyoruz.

Bide karaktere birden fazla timerf verdiğin zaman karışıyor. clear ettiğinde hepsi gidiyor stop ettiğinde hepsi duruyor. üstüne eklediğinde önceki iptal oluyor.
timerf x 5,y gibi birşey eklenmeli. tag gibi




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Mesaj #73322   06-08-2013 20:26 GMT    
system eror o istedigini bende istiyorum okadar cok lazım oluyorki...


Hazırladığım projem.
Eğer bir fikrin varsa bunu kendine sakla,
çünki fikrini kıskananların çıkaracağı tartışmalar seni fazlasıyla yoracaktır



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Mesaj #73335   07-08-2013 01:13 GMT    
System_Error :
ON=@Resurrect triggeri istiyoruz.

al panpa

[spell 59]

on @effect
trigger @resurrect

[events e_resurrect]
on @resurrect
color <oskin>



UO-Dev Üyesi
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Mesaj #73353   07-08-2013 22:04 GMT    
işte ben zaten bu tarz bişi kullanıyorum fakat tam stabil çalışmıyor.



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Mesaj #93140   21-08-2017 20:17 GMT    
bug varmı acaba bu sphere.exe de

Son güncelleme: lewless tarafından 21-08-2017 20:53 GMT, 890 Gün önce düzenlendi.

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